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HTML5 Video Converter can convert almost all popular video formats and encode them to HTML5 videos. Supported media files as bellow: AVCHD files: mts, m2ts Windows Media files: avi, wmv, asf, dvr-ms, ms-dvr MOV/MP4 files: mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v, qt Real Media files: rm, rmvb Flash Video file: flv MKV Video file: mkv AviSynth Scripts: [...]

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Convert DVD to HTML5 Video

select video player theme and adjust settings

HTML5 is the standard of web videos. DVD to HTML5 converter can help you convert DVD movies to HTML5 videos with elegant players. Here is how: Download the DVD to HTML5 converter here if not yet. Then follow below steps to convert your DVD to HTML5 video easily. Run the DVD to HTML5 converter Load [...]

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6 Tips to Choose the Best HTML5 Video Players

When you are ready to jump from traditional Flash video to HTML5 video, you may find there are many similar HTML5 video converters and players. It is difficult to choose the best HTML5 video tool for your online video galleries as most of them do the same thing in quite similar way. However you can [...]

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HTML5 Video Poster Image not work in IE9

html5 video player

The inconsistent IE 9 support to HTML5 has caused some problems. There are some known issues such as the IE 9 HTML5 Video Player Control & Compatibility issue here, Why does IE block the HTML5 video here, etc. If you choose to write the html5 code manually you probably will find the inconsistency between IE [...]

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HTML5 Video Editor

HTML5 Video Editor HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the markup language that makes up every page on the web. Prior to HTML5, websites display videos through browser plug-ins like Flash Player, Quicktime, and Silverlight. Now HTML5 can render web videos directly without any browser plug-in. HTML5 has made the embedding of videos the [...]

IE 9 HTML5 Video Player Control & Compatibility

Socusoft HTML5 Video Player is IE 9 compatible. To insert the generated HTML5 video player into your website for IE 9 display. You can follow the steps illustrated in this guide. If you find the HTML5 player controls work normally on all browsers but IE 9, such as the full screen display does not open [...]

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Install HTML5 Video Player for Joomla

Since the release of HTML5 Video Player several months ago, we have received many inquiries asking if the video players work with Joomla or not and how to install to their Joomla websites. Here we will put together the most frequently asked questions and solutions to help Joomla users to easily add the HTML5 video [...]

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HTML5 Video Autoplay iPad iPhone

In an earlier article we talked about how to enable HTML5 Video Autoplay, soon after that we received many feedback from our HTML 5 video player users saying that the HTML5 video autoplay works fine on computers but not on an iPad or iPhone. It is true the HTML5 video autoplay attribute won’t work in [...]

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IE blocks HTML5 Video Display

IE security warning prevent HTML5 video from displaying locally

When testing the HTML5 video player on IE browser from the web page saved on your local computer, you might get this warning: Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts for ActiveX controls. You can disable this message and let the HTML5 video play on your IE browser by changing your IE options. Go [...]

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Find the Video Player Embed Code

With HTML5 Video Player, there are two steps to add the generated video gallery to your own web page. Firstly you need to upload the generated html5 video player files from your computer to server through FTP. Then insert the video player embedding code into your web page and republish the page. How Can I [...]

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