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HTML5 Video Poster Image not work in IE9

The inconsistent IE 9 support to HTML5 has caused some problems. There are some known issues such as the IE 9 HTML5 Video Player Control & Compatibility issue here, Why does IE block the HTML5 video here, etc.

If you choose to write the html5 code manually you probably will find the inconsistency between IE and other browsers, the HTML5 video poster image work in other browsers but does not display in IE9. How the poster image does not work in IE9?

In order to make the poster image for your HTML5 video to show up in IE9, you should add preload=”none” to <video> tag. That’s the fix and works many times for many html5 developers.

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It seems IE9 would overwrite the html5 poster images if the video is loaded. By adding the attribute not to allow it preload, the poster image works fine in IE 9 browser.

Our development team has found the issue in the initial release of the HTML5 Video Player. All our users should not have this problem. They will be able to create the html5 video galleries that have this cross browser compatibility without changing any single line of the code.

Still have the trouble to make the HTML5 video poster picture to work on IE9? Give a try to the HTML5 Video Player, free download here.

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