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Can’t Add Videos

I have installed HTML5 Video Player, but it crashes when I add videos.
My PC uses Win Vista 7.

If you have trouble adding some videos to the HTML5 Video Player, such as the player does not recognize the file and the video can’t be added or the player crashes when adding certain video clips, you can double check as following.

Video Source is Supported

HTML5 Video Converter can convert most but not all video formats and encode them to HTML5 videos. For example, if your video is Flash video in FLV format, it can be added and converted, if it is a Flash SWF however it will fail. If you’re the file added is not a video at all, you can’t even import the file to the converter, such as the image files, like png, jpg, etc.

You can check the list of supported video source by HTML5 converter here.

Source Video is 10 seconds or longer

If your video is too short, such as 4 seconds, you can’t add it to the HTML5 Video Converter either. It is because the program will try to capture the poster image for your video player, if it is too short, the player can’t capture the video poster image, it will then errors out.

Do you have any issues using the video player, such as program hangs or closes automatically? Please let us know.

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