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HTML5 Video Player Windows 8

HTML5 Video Player (Windows 8 supported) is a stylish web video converter and player that equipped with many advanced features. It can help you play your videos on almost any devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles, iOS devices, Android devices and so on. It makes watching your online video conversion and deployment a quick and effortless experience.

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Why to Choose HTML5 Video Player for Windows 8?

  • It can encode your video to the standard HTML5 video/audio codecs for best cross browser compatibility.
  • It can help you create widely supported HTML5 video for playback on various target devices, such as computers, tablets, video players, mobile phones, iOS devices, etc.
  • It provides beautiful video players and templates that can make your online video galleries stylish and unique.
  • Find out more features of HTML5 video player here.

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