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Play HTML5 Video on IE8

I just noticed that my posted video does not play on Internet Explorer 8. I know IE8 does not support html5, but I thought your program said it was backward compatible with older browsers. Is that correct, or do I need an alternate product to post videos that can be seen with IE8? The video does work fine on Android and i-phone as well as Windows products that support html5 (IE9, FireFox, Chrome, etc).

If your IE 8 browser has the Flash Player plugin installed, you should be able to play the video.
If not, you can download the plug-in from

Play HTML5 Video on IE8 Tips :

1. Depending on your operating system and browser, you need to download and install different Flash Player version from Adobe website.
2. If you want to play Flash videos on various browsers, you need to download and install it for all your browsers.
3. You can disable or enable Flash Player any time from yoru browser settings. If you have installed the Flash Player plug-in but not able to play Flash videos, make sure it has not been disabled.

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