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Find the Video Player Embed Code

With HTML5 Video Player, there are two steps to add the generated video gallery to your own web page. Firstly you need to upload the generated html5 video player files from your computer to server through FTP. Then insert the video player embedding code into your web page and republish the page. How Can I […]

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Where should I upload the generated video player files to?

Question: Just purchased your HTML5 video player, I can open and preview the generated video player from the output folder with IE and Firefox, also I can insert the video on my page using Dreamweaver. But when I upload it to my site, the video is missing. So I guess I must have uploaded them […]

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How to Embed HTML5 Video into Web Pages?

Before the arriving of the HTML5, each of the video played via a web browser was played through third party browser plugins. Initially we have witnessed RealPlayer, next Windows Media Player and QuickTime, and now Flash, which is at the moment the dominating plugin that plays a large number of web video. The HTML5 introduces […]

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HTML5 Video Player Windows 8

HTML5 Video Player (Windows 8 supported) is a stylish web video converter and player that equipped with many advanced features. It can help you play your videos on almost any devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobiles, iOS devices, Android devices and so on. It makes watching your online video conversion and deployment a quick […]

Set Your Own Video Thumbnail

set html5 video thumbnail poster

HTML5 Video Player allows you to set your own video thumbnail and poster image manually and easily. To change them is very easy. Go to drag and drop your source video clips into the HTML5 Video Player. You will see the added video clips displyed on the left panel. Click to select the video you […]


Play HTML5 Video on IE8

I just noticed that my posted video does not play on Internet Explorer 8. I know IE8 does not support html5, but I thought your program said it was backward compatible with older browsers. Is that correct, or do I need an alternate product to post videos that can be seen with IE8? The video […]

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Can’t Add Videos

I have installed HTML5 Video Player, but it crashes when I add videos. My PC uses Win Vista 7. If you have trouble adding some videos to the HTML5 Video Player, such as the player does not recognize the file and the video can’t be added or the player crashes when adding certain video clips, […]

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Ideal HTML5 Video File Size

Some HTML5 video users contacted us through email wondering what would be an ideal file size or size range. It is hard to say which file size is the best for online video streaming, as it depends on your internet connection speed. It is advisable to keep your HTML5 video file sizes as small as […]

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Get your Flash Video Fix on iOS devices

Flash videos, SWF and FLV, are popular web file format to stream videos and play games have long been at odds with Apple. Apple refuses to support Flash on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Newer technologies like HTML5 are gaining steam and enabling videos and games to be played on Apple mobile devices. […]

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Add Extra Video Players to Site Spinner Website

publish second html5 video player with Site Spinner

In an earlier guide, we talked about how to add HTML5 video players to Site Spinner site. In this guide we will walk you through the process to add your second and more additional HTML5 video players to your websites build with Site Spinner. Add Extra HTML5 Video Players to Site Spinner Website 1. Make […]

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Firefox added MP4/H.264 Video Support

Firefox added MP4/H.264 Video support

Firefox for Android now supports HTML5 based H.264 video playback. According to Mozilla, Firefox currently supports H.264 playback on any device running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and any Samsung device running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Android 4/4.1: hardware and software decoder support for h.264 video See details here: To test whether your Firefox […]

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Supported Video Source

HTML5 Video Converter can convert almost all popular video formats and encode them to HTML5 videos. Supported media files as bellow: AVCHD files: mts, m2ts Windows Media files: avi, wmv, asf, dvr-ms, ms-dvr MOV/MP4 files: mov, mp4, 3gp, m4v, qt Real Media files: rm, rmvb Flash Video file: flv MKV Video file: mkv AviSynth Scripts: […]

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Convert DVD to HTML5 Video

select video player theme and adjust settings

HTML5 is the standard of web videos. DVD to HTML5 converter can help you convert DVD movies to HTML5 videos with elegant players. Here is how: Download the DVD to HTML5 converter here if not yet. Then follow below steps to convert your DVD to HTML5 video easily. Run the DVD to HTML5 converter Load […]

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