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Add Extra Video Players to Site Spinner Website

In an earlier guide, we talked about how to add HTML5 video players to Site Spinner site. In this guide we will walk you through the process to add your second and more additional HTML5 video players to your websites build with Site Spinner.

Add Extra HTML5 Video Players to Site Spinner Website

1. Make Your HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player is an HTML5 video made easy solution. It can convert almost all videos to HTML5 formats. You can go to download and install HTML5 Video Player first if not yet.

 2. Copy HTML5 Video Player to Site Spinner Directory

Run HTML5 Video Player, click HTML5 menu, then select Open Output Folder. See below figure.

Open html5 video player output folder

You can then browse to the specific folder for your video player.

Open the output folder of your Site Spinner. By default it should be C:\Users\your-name\Documents\My IMS Projects\Mysite. See below figure.

open site spinner website folder

In this example, we copied the first video player to the root directory of the Spinner site, the second HTML5 video player files all put into a sub-directory ‘2nd-video-player’. See above screenshot.

 3. Create a New Page with Site Spinner

It is easy to create new pages with Spinner. Simply click the Add New Page from the top toolbar of the site builder. See below figure.

create new page Site Spinner

 4. Add Player Embed Code into your New Page

You need to add two code snippets into your new spinner page. If you forget how we added the first video gallery to Site Spinner page, you can go back and see details here: Add HTML5 Video to Site Spinner

 5. Add File Path to the Player Embed Code.

We are very close now. As Spinner will publish all pages to the site root directory, however we have uploaded the second HTML5 video player to a sub-directory, thus the file path to your video player files will need to change slightly. Do not worry, it does not require any real coding knowledge or skills. What we need to change is no more than adding the sub-directory name before the video player files.

add file path to the second video player in the code

You need to add file path for all the files in the embed code snippets.

 6. Publish Your Spinner Sites again

You need to publish the site again in order to play the second html5 video player on your new page. This is the last step to add the second video player to Site Spinner. It will not work, if you preview the video player within Site Spinner.

Go to the File menu, then select to publish the Spinner site to your hard disk. The result as below screen capture shows:

publish second html5 video player with Site Spinner

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