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Get your Flash Video Fix on iOS devices

Flash videos, SWF and FLV, are popular web file format to stream videos and play games have long been at odds with Apple. Apple refuses to support Flash on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

Newer technologies like HTML5 are gaining steam and enabling videos and games to be played on Apple mobile devices. If you do not want to lose your users or visitors from iOS devices, you need to jump from Flash to the newer tech now.

How to Get your Flash Video Fix on iOS devices?

HTML5 Video Player, developed by Socusoft for both Mac and Windows users, available for $39.95 or free trial download, is a well regarded alternative to the traditional Flash videos.

It decodes and encodes your source videos in a variety of formats or codecs to the standard HTML5 video/audio codecs and formats. It offers video wrappers in stylish design and skins. Your HTML5 video players will be rendered in JavaScript and CSS that are much more cross-platform compatibility.

The Flash video alternative solution can make a faster and smoother experience for all your website visitors whether they are using desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets. iOS devices like iPhone, iPad are highly supported. All iPhone/iPad models are compatible.

iOS devices are more and more popular. If you do not believe it, simply open your web stats if you are the webmaster who has setup the web analytics to track your site traffic and visitors. You will find a great portion of your visitors are using iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone to visit your website.

If you are tired of being confined to computer users and want more users from mobile devices to access your website in particular the iPhone and iPad users, HTML5 video player is a great alternative.

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