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Why to Build Mobile Friendly Website

Android, iPhone and iPad can display normal web sites, but have you noticed that your websites may be working differently on a mobile device from a desktop computer.

For example, if you have Flash content on your website, you will find these content is totally invisible on iPhone and iPad, because iPhone and iPad do not support Adobe Flash.

Also a mobile devices usually have much smaller display, for example iPad runs at 1024×768, smaller mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones usually run around 960×640 (iPhone) and 800×480 (some Android phones). Since the screen size of a mobile device is much smaller than a typical computer, mobile device users will have to pinch zoom to read the copy effectively. This works, but it certainly a hassle for users. The smaller size requires you to make a compact design of your websites.

mobile friendly website design

Another prominent issue is that the internet connection speed on mobile devices is not as fast or stable as a tethered broadband connection. Nowadays many web sites are designed to work in fast bandwidth environments. This means they are normally graphically heavy. This requires your users more downloading time and a challenge to their patience. A mobile device does not have the same horsepower that desktop or laptop computers have to handle high bandwidth sites as quickly either.

All the above is to say that you will need to target mobile devices differently when designing a mobile friendly website. Do not forget that building a mobile friendly web site will not only satisfy your mobile users but also convert more prospects into customers by reaching the ever-growing mobile community.

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