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Convert DVD to HTML5 Video

HTML5 is the standard of web videos. DVD to HTML5 converter can help you convert DVD movies to HTML5 videos with elegant players. Here is how:

Download the DVD to HTML5 converter here if not yet. Then follow below steps to convert your DVD to HTML5 video easily.

Run the DVD to HTML5 converter

run dvd to html5 converter

Load DVD videos into the converter

You can click the Add Videos button on the bottom left corner of the DVD to HTML5 converter. A new window will pop us, you can click to select any video clips or movie titles on the DVD disc and add them to the DVD to HTML5 converter. You can select videos one after another, or select multiple videos and import them to the converter at once.

add dvd video to html5 converter

Edit videos

Now the DVD videos have been loaded into the converter. However you may get black thumbs for them. It is because the video converter will automatically capture the first frame of your video as the thumb for them. If you do not change it, these black thumbs will be used as the poster images or frame as well.

To change them is very easy. Go to click and select the video clip from the left panel, then click the Edit button above the video thumbs list or double click a video to open the Preview & Video window, see below.

edit video and preview

You can play the video or drag to slider to get a frame you like, then click the Screenshot button to capture the screen and this screenshot captured will be used as the video thumb and poster frame or poster image in the final HTML5 video player.

From this Preview & Video window, you will find other options as well, such as the video trimming which is very useful when you like to cut a video. DVD videos could be very long, and most of the time, you do not want to convert the whole DVD movies and publish them online. In such case, you can set the Start and Stop Time to cut the video to be converted to HTML5 videos. You can also drag the slider, then click the scissors button to cut a DVD movie.

Select Video Player Theme

A video player theme brings your online videos a better looking. With this DVD to HTML5 conversion utility, you can easily apply a player template from the built-in selection. Click the Theme tab on the left panel which is just beside the Video tab.  See below screenshot:

select video player theme and adjust settings

From the HTML5 Video themes panel, you can browse through and choose a template for the final video player.

You can set video size, player size, if you like to customize the videos to different dimensions other than the presets, click the gear icon besides the video size box, you can set any video size from there.

Video player skin can make your online video album outstanding. To change a new skin of the video player is very easy with the DVD to HTML5 desktop software. You can click the Play Skin to expand the drop-down menu and choose the skin you like.

Video play controls are very important when you publish a video player on to the web. You may need to define whether to let your online video player start play automatically or not, whether to repeat the video playback or not when it plays to the end. The DVD to HTML5 app offers the Autoplay and Loop options below the Player Skin box. You can tick or tick off to enable or disable them.

Preview the Video Player

Now, it’s time to preview the video player. Click the Preview button from the bottom right corner and the video will be played in the built-in video player above. You can go to customize or edit the video and/or player until you are satisfied.

You can also preview with your web browsers. Right above the built-in video player/preview window, you can find a Open with browser option, you can choose a installed web browser on your computer and preview / play the video with it. If you worry about the compatibility issue of the output video player, try to open and preview the video with different browsers on your computer.

Publish HTML5 Video Player.

Finally we are here at the last step. Click the Publish button from the bottom right corner to finalize the DVD to HTML5 video conversion.

convert dvd to html5 video

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