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How to Convert WMV to MP4?

WMV, short for Windows Media Video, is developed by Microsoft. WMV was originally designed for Internet streaming applications. A WMV file is in most circumstances encapsulated in the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format. Although we will find them in .WMV extension, the file extension normally describes ASF files that use Windows Media Video codecs. Windows Media Video (WMV) is the most recognized video format within the WMV family. Unfortunately it is not one of the standard HTML5 native video formats. Many WMV video owners might want to upload the WMV to the web to share with their friend. However new HTML5 web browser compatibility is really a challenge when publishing WMV videos to internet and websites. In this tutorial we will introduce a solution, showing you how to convert WMV to MP4 format which is a compact, low weight, and most important of all it is HTML5 compatible video.

Before we start the WMV to MP4 conversion, let’s take a look at the MP4 video, as some of us may not be quite familiar with it.

MP4, is short for Moving Picture Expert Group-4, it is a video format commonly found on many portable media devices because of its high compression and high quality output. More than 98% media players are said to support this format.

Ready to convert WMV to MP4 now? Let’s follow bellow WMV to MP4 converting steps. It would be easy and fun, takes just a few clicks but comes out with great web video. Furthermore, MP4 is supported by new HTML5 browsers. So for webmasters and bloggers, converting WMV to HTML5 video format is quite necessary as well.

 How to Convert WMV to MP4?

 1. Install and run WMV to MP4 converter

HTML5 Video Player is the only WMV to MP4 conversion tool you will need to use in this converting task. No other special software or installation requires.

You can Download WMV to MP4 converter – HTML5 Video Player here.

2. Load WMV files to WMV to MP4 converter

Launch this HTML5 video converter. Click ‘Edit’ >> ‘Add videos’ and import the WMV videos you want to convert to MP4 or directly drag & drop them into the program. Batch conversion is supported. You can add more files at one time.

3.Customize WMV files and choose theme for MP4 video player

Go to the ‘Theme’ tab to choose a theme for your MP4 video player first, go to pick up the player skin and size, then continue to set output size for MP4 video. See screenshot of this WMV to MP4 converter as bellow:

Convert WMV to MP4 - WMV to MP4 converter theme preview


Note: Do I have to select MP4 as output video format? No, we know that most video converters will provide an option to select output video profiles. However this video converting software is specially designed for HTML5 video encoding. After the conversion, your WMV videos will be converted into three different copies in webm, ogv and MP4 formats separately. Why is that? You can refer to this online tutorial:HTML5 Video Browser Compatibility

 4. Converting WMV to MP4

The last steps to finish the WMV to MP4 conversion is to simple click the ‘Publish’ button. Before you finalize the WMV to MP4 converting, you will be provided with several other options that might be quite useful for some users. For example, you can preview your WMV in MP4 format by clicking the ‘Preview’ button. Please note the preview function will only convert a very small part of your source WMV into MP4 format. It is because we realized that many users might need to change the video settings many times before they find the satisfied videos and settings. And each time they preview a video, they will not watch the whole video. So we decided to convert only the first 6 seconds of each video for preview. Once you are satisfied with the previewed video, go to click ‘Publish’ button to convert WMV to MP4.

5. Publish converted WMV (Now MP4) videos to website (optional!)

You have just converted the WMV to MP4 format. If you like to embed the output MP4 video into your websites or blogs, you can refer to this online guide.
How to Embed HTML5 Video into Web Pages?

Now you know how to convert WMV to MP4 and publish on websites!

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