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How to Improve HTML5 Video Quality?

HTML5 videos have the best cross-browser compatibility on different devices and platforms. HTML5 Video Player is a video converter specially designed for HTML5 videos. To get the best HTML5 video quality on different web browsers with HTML5 Video Player, you can follow below html5 video encoding hints to customize your video settings and parameters, including resolution, bitrate, framerate, etc. before encoding HTML5 videos.

1. HTML5 Video Resolution

Normally when publishing a local video file online, the barrier you need to consider is the bandwidth and loading speed. The bandwidth limitation comes from your hosting server and your site visitor end as well. You may have varying connection speeds across your user base, thus you need to make sure the loading speed of your online video is acceptable by majority.

To reduce a video resolution is most often the case. For example, your new iPhone 5 camera records at 1080p, it does not mean you cannot scale down to a smaller video player to fit your website design or a smaller video size to save on bitrate. If your video player is targeted at 320 x 240px, there is no reason not to change the video height/width accordingly.

However in order to get best video quality, you need to make sure not to change the aspect ratio.

HTML5 Video Player comes with presets such as 160p (240×160), 360p (640×360), 480p (854×480), 720p HD (1280×720), 1080p HD

(1920×1080). You can also customize the video width and height as you wish. Most videos are filmed in either 16:9 or 4:3. If you change this ratio can lead to a squishing or stretching effect that is unsightly.

html5 video encoding tips for better video quality

2. HTML5 Video Bitrate

Bitrate is essentially the amount of video/audio (bits) per unit of time. The more bitrate the better the video/audio assuming you have a quality source. Higher bitrate produces higher quality at the same time larger file size as well.

To improve your HTML5 video quality by increasing the bitrate, go to the Theme tab of HTML5 Video Player, right beside the

Video Size field, there will be a gear icon, click on it you will get a pop-up dialogue. You can choose bitrate for the output HTML5 videos from there.

In general your original file will look the best. With each reduction in bitrate it will get more washed out.

3. HTML5 Video Frame Rate

Frame Rate is essentially the number of frames/images saved per unit of time. We know that the videos include many unique consecutive images that are displayed per second in the video to give the illusion of movement.

Higher frame rate produces smoother motion in video and larger file size. Fast motion is better to go with higher frame rates.

HTML5 Video Player comes with different FPS (Frame per second) including, 12 fps, 15 fps, 23.97fps, 25 fps, 29.97 fps. You can leave it to the auto, then the video converter can pick up the suitable FPS according to your video source.

The typical film rate is around 24 fps. This video frame rate is high enough to give viewers the “cinematic feel”.

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