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6 Tips to Choose the Best HTML5 Video Players

When you are ready to jump from traditional Flash video to HTML5 video, you may find there are many similar HTML5 video converters and players. It is difficult to choose the best HTML5 video tool for your online video galleries as most of them do the same thing in quite similar way.

However you can always ask yourself bellow questions before purchase an HTML5 video player or converter.

Does the HTML5 video app contain any advertisement content?

Generally speaking, a free html5 video software may have some ads, logo or watermark embedded into your video. If you are running a online business and do not want to show any third party advertisement on your site, you should not use such HTML5 video player or converter.

Does the HTML5 player inject any Malicious or unwanted code into my site?

This is a critical issue as malicious code may harm your website reputation. We have found some easy HTML5 video tools and vendors surreptitiously put back links to their websites from their users’ websites. Worse of all, these back links are hidden in the source code, so many users may not even realize it. It happens not only to the free tools, but many paid version as well, some of them are quite popular. Many HTML5 video player registered users are actually promoting the software vendor’s websites on their own websites. The Malicious code is a kind of black hat back link building, many search engines, including Google, Bing, will regard it as spam. See .

Double check your html5 video embed code, see if you have any malicious or unwanted code, most likely hidden outbound links. Pay special attention to URL links in your embed code, some are disguised in style display:none, some use the same color as the background, etc.

Are the generated HTML5 video galleries playable on major browsers and devices?

Why you replace Flash with HTML5? One of the most important reasons is that HTML5 videos have much better performance on different web browsers and devices. We know that the Flash video does not work on any browser without the Adobe Flash Player plugin. iOS users may find that they iPad, iPhone, iTouch cannot access a Flash website. So when you consider to purchase a HTML5 video player, you need to make sure it can help you play the videos on major browsers, such as Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, and those popular devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows phones.

What is the format of generated videos?

HTML5 videos refer to MP4, WebM, and Ogv video files. These are the video formats that you can currently embed into the HTML5 < video > element. For maximum compatibility on all web browsers, the best HTML5 video converter should be able to convert a source video into three different copies in above format. If it can’t, you will lose those users on specific browsers. For example, if you have only the mp4 video, Firefox users will not be able to play them; if you have only the WebM video, you will lose the IE browser users. See the: HTML5 Video Browser Compatibility

How do you like the video players and themes?

Many HTML5 video players and converters should provide you some video players or templates to wrap your videos and makes them more attractive and professional. The best HTML5 video converter and player should offer many themes and templates with different styles and designs.

Can I customize the HTML5 Video Players?

You may want to personalize your online video galleries, such as the play control of the video, the look of the video skin, the size of the video, etc. These are the essential settings you need.

Hope the above tips can help you choose the best HTML5 video players for your website video gallery display. If you have any other tips and experience want to share with other HTML5 video users, please leave a comment bellow.

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