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Find the Video Player Embed Code

With HTML5 Video Player, there are two steps to add the generated video gallery to your own web page. Firstly you need to upload the generated html5 video player files from your computer to server through FTP. Then insert the video player embedding code into your web page and republish the page.

How Can I Find the HTML5 Video Player Embed Code?

From the output folder of HTML5 Video Player, you will find generated video players were put into individual folders. Each video player has an html5video.html file.

Open html5video.html file from the saved folder in any text editor, Notepad for example. Or you can open this html file in any browser on your computer, IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Then right click on the page, choose select view source of the page, see bellow figure:

html5 video player embedding code

Copy two code snippets and paste them into the Head and Body sections of your web page separately. If you use a web page editor such as Dreamweaver, make sure to switch from design mode to the HTML code mode before you paste the code into your web page.

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