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IE blocks HTML5 Video Display

When testing the HTML5 video player on IE browser from the web page saved on your local computer, you might get this warning: Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts for ActiveX controls.

You can disable this message and let the HTML5 video play on your IE browser by changing your IE options.

Go to Internet Options >>Advanced tab, scroll down to the security section there should be an option “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer”. Please enable this option and make sure to restart your browser. This should allow your HTML5 videos to run on your IE browser. See screenshot as bellow:

IE security warning prevent HTML5 video from displaying locally

Why does IE block the HTML5 video?

It is because HTML 5 Video Player makes use of JavaScript to control and display the HTML5 video galleries and IE browser imposes higher security settings for the local content and intranet files.

It has nothing to do with what your visitors will see on your site when you publish. IE will not prevent your HTML5 video from displaying on your website. Your website visitors will not be annoyed with the IE active content warning and your will not be bothered with it if you use a non-IE browsers to play the local HTML5 video galleries.

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