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HTML5 Video Player FAQs & Troubleshooting:

Important notes and tips to make your HTML5 video works.

Local computer VS remote server

We encourage you to test the HTML5 videos on a web server other than your local computer, due to security restrictions you will some scripts and browser plug-ins might not work smoothly when testing locally.

MIME Type setup on server

For Linux/Apache servers
You can create a file called .htaccess file with the following text and upload it to your website root directory:

AddType video/ogg .ogv
AddType video/mp4 .mp4
AddType video/webm .webm

For Windows/IIS servers, it varies from IIS 6 to IIS7 and you have another option to use the Web.config file. You can refer to this guide: Setup IIS MIME type for HTML5 videos

IE Security Warning

When testing the HTML5 video player on IE browser from the web page saved on your local computer, you might get this warning: Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts for ActiveX controls.

You can disable this message and let the HTML5 video play on your IE browser by changing your IE options. Go to Internet Options >>Advanced tab, scroll down to the security section there should be an option “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer”. Please enable this option and make sure to restart your browser. This should allow your HTML5 videos to run on your IE browser. See also: Why IE prevent HTML5 videos from displaying?

IE8 and earlier versions

Flash fallback for non HTML5 browsers feature allows you to play the flash version of your videos on old browsers such as IE8 and its predecessors. You do not have to manually create or add the flash videos. HTML5 Video Player will generate it automatically along with the native HTML5 videos. However users will need to have Flash Player installed on their IE browsers in order to play a Flash video with IE. You can download the Flash player for free from .

Another issue with HTML 5 video playback on IE 8 and earlier old IE versions are the Flash security settings. If you are playing with local files to test the Flash fallback, make sure you go to the page and add your working directory. Also, things tend to work best when you use absolute paths. Please note there is no such issue if you are playing remote files. As we have mentioned above due to security restrictions you will find most plug-ins will not work when testing locally.

Browser and Device support

HTML5 Video
Flash Video Partially

(HTML5 Video Player = HTML5 Video + Flash Video Fallback)