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Top 10 HTML 5 articles August 2012

As we all know HTML 5 is the new web standard. There are so many new features were involved in HTML 5, for example it contains new elements like progress, nav, datagrid, figure, canvas, header, footer and many more. Would you like to know more about HTML 5 and its features then jump in….

HTML 5 Video Player
HTML5 Video Player converts your videos to HTML5 video formats with customizable player. You can embed HTML5 video into websites easily. Supports all browsers & devices!

Download HTML 5 video and player
Whether you are going to download HTML5 video or player, this is always the first choice you may consider.

HTML 5 Video Player Software Interface and Screenshots
The most popular HTML 5 video software with its UI design slideshow

HTML 5 Tutorials and Reviews
A newly launched section for HTML 5 tutorials and HTML 5 related app reviews

How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Websites Manually?
HTML 5 made the video embedding easier than ever before, no plugin, no tools, no hard coding, just a simple line of code to be copied and pasted.

HTML 5 Video Codec and Formats
Before adding HTML 5 video into your websites or blogs, you need to know what behind the HTML 5 video, because these are the reason make your video works on HTML 5 websites and browsers.

Understanding HTML 5 Video
A brief intro to the online video, get informed of the web video problems with most popular Flash video and the new solution HTML 5 video. A quick HTML video starter guide!

Excellent HTML 5 Website Examples
A list of excellent live websites based on the HTML 5 technology, experience the real cool HTML 5 feature by yourself.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Review
Apple released the latest Mac OS X system. We know that OS X Lion sucks, not even compatible with Snow Leopard, Apple said it has fixed many problems. See what’s new in this huge upgrade?

Maximize HTML 5 Video Compatibility
Basically most HTML 5 users may want their videos to be spread over all different platforms, different computers, mobile devices, browsers, etc.

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