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Best HTML5 Websites Examples and Demos Showcase

HTML5 stands out as the new and upgraded version of the web standard. Being a new and innovative web markup language, HTML5 comes with numerous new features, techniques, elements and attributes that make it possible for website developers and designers to build refreshing and gorgeous websites. The new HTML standard includes useful functions such as video playback and drag-and-drop which have been formerly dependent on third-party web browser plug-ins, like Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. With the new HTML5 tech designers is able to add some really awesome effects to their websites with ease. Following is a list of some best HTML5 websites that we considered as excellent examples or demos of HTML5 sites. Do you own a website bases on HTML5? Share with us your great HTML5 websites and project in the comment section.

7even website- HTML5 Markup Review

Site for 7even, management training company from Argentina. The site is built using HTML5 Boilerplate. There are a number of new elements used. Curiously there is a section placed inside the site header. I’m not sure why this is required and would love to know the developers thinking on this. There is also opportunity for hgroup to be used in a couple of places but it isn’t included.

Alessandro D’agnano website- HTML5 Markup Review

Personal website of Italian art director and web strategist, Alessandro D’agnano.

This site makes good and correct use of many of the HTML5 structural elements such as header, hgroup, nav, section and footer, which the seems largely happy with.

CubeWires website- HTML5 Markup Review

Website of digital agency CubeWires.

This site uses the HTML5 doctype and nav element, but could have taken advantage of a lot more of the HTML5 structural elements, including explicitly specifying a charset. The site contains a div with a CSS class of “footer” which is a prime candidate for the footer element, and the side navigation on some pages could have been placed within an aside. In addition, section elements could have been used to separate some of the content.

Jayaraj website – HTML5 Markup Review

Online portfolio of Jayaraj P R.
Nifty little site that makes use of HTML5 canvas to provide some nice animation as you use and navigate the site. The HTML5 element use is largely clean although there is an empty header element used in some places which seems wrong.
Bear in mind that the script and stylesheet link elements no longer require the type attribute.

Spanish website – HTML5 Markup Review

Website of Spanish based developer Joan Fernández.

Many of the standard HTML5 structural elements are present here: header, hgroup, nav, section and footer. The also is quite happy with their layout. The site also uses ARIA roles which is good to see.

Remember that the script and stylesheet link elements no longer require the type attribute.

Pixel Odyssey website – HTML5 Markup Review

Personal website of Dimitrios Karagiannis. In certain areas it feels as though the design has dictated the markup used, which as we all know, is the wrong way around. For example, in the about me section each line is broken up into an article with a h4. It seems to me that a single section with a number of paragraphs would be more semantic.

Stile website – HTML5 Markup Review

An Estonian shop selling paintings, clocks and artificial flowers.

There’s a touch of section-itis and the contact form could do with some HTML5 input types, but nav is used sensibly and the products are all in article elements which shows a good understanding of how to use them.

Timo Weiß website – HTML5 Markup Review

Personal website of Timo Weiß a developer from Germany. A number of new sectioning elements have been used. In some places a ul/li has been used when sections may have been appropriate. The placeholder attribute could have been used on the contact form rather than onFocus.

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