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Android Video Formats and Player

When developing your website with video galleries that supports Android phones, you may want to find out the Android supported video formats. Below table shows what files Android phones and tablets support, with both codec and filename extension information provided.

Video Formats for Android

Android Video Formats (File Extension) Codec Note
3GPP (.3gp)
MPEG-4 (.mp4)
3GPP (.3gp)
MPEG-4 (.mp4)
MPEG-TS (.ts)
H.264 AVC MPEG-TS with AAC audio only
3GPP (.3gp) MPEG-4 SP
WebM (.webm)
Matroska (.mkv, Android 4.0+)
VP8 Streamable only in Android 4.0 and above

Encode Android Playable Video

Now you know what video formats work with Android devices. The next step is to encode Android video. The official Android developer homepage recommended bellow encoding parameters for compatible Android video. Any video with these parameters will be playable on Android phones and tablets.

Anroid Video Formats and Player

Recommended Video Parameters for Android

Android video encoding HD (Only partial devices) SD (High quality) SD (Low quality)
Video codec H.264 H.264 H.264
Video resolution 1280 x 720 px 480 x 360 px 176 x 144 px
Video frame rate 30 fps 30 fps 12 fps
Video bitrate 2 Mbps 500 Kbps 56 Kbps
Audio codec AAC-LC AAC-LC AAC-LC
Audio channels 2 (stereo) 2 (stereo) 1 (mono)
Audio bitrate 192 Kbps 128 Kbps 24 Kbps

Make Android Video Player for your website

Webmasters do not want to lose the Android phone or tablets’ users, as more and more Android users are growing really fast. However the encoding of videos for Android is annoying. It is too technical, it is also time-consuming. If you are looking for an easy android video player solution, we recommend you to convert Android html5 video with a professional html5 player for Android. Socusoft HTML5 Video Player is one of the best android html5 players you can choose.

Why use the HTML5 Player for Android video?

HTML5 videos refer to mp4/h264, webm and ogg videos, all Android devices should play HTML5 videos. HTML5 Video Player for Android can generate the ideal android video formats with best quality. So not only can the computer users access your online video gallery, but also the large amount of Android phone and tablet users.

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