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jQuery Slideshow Banner Maker

Web Album Maker is a jQuery slideshow banner creator. It is specially designed to create online jQuery web album or web photo gallery. It lets you easily pick your favorite theme to wrap your photos into a web banner and add to your websites.

This photo slideshow banner maker is a desktop application to help you create dynamic transition picture slideshow locally. You can save your photos and slideshows on your local machine or upload to your websites through FTP. No need to upload them to an online image sharing websites like flickr, photobucket or Picasa any more.

jQuery banner slider is a great tool to demonstrate your photos and products online. If you want to build an attractive website banner with your product pictures, it is a good help. Prepare several images, add them to the Web Album Maker, select a theme you like, and you will create a jQuery banner slideshow in no time. No Geek required, no HTML, Flash, JavaScript or CSS skills required.

Do you want to make a photo slideshow banner for your website that are playable anywereh on the web? A jQuery slideshow is your best choice. It is compatible with almost all browsers and devices such as IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. No need to worry about the incompatibility with mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android any more!

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