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Add HTML5 Video to WordPress

In an earlier HTML5 Video WordPress tutorial, we talked about how to set up HTML5 video Mime type for WordPress websites. In this article, we will dig further into WordPress HTML5 video converting, uploading and integrating. You can follow the tips bellow to add HTML5 videos to WordPress sites easily, so that your HTML5 videos can work almost everywhere, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, IE and Firefox….

add wordpress html5 video

WordPress HTML5 video plugin or not?

HTML5 video is cool, it helps you get rid of a browser plugin. You can play online videos now without browser plugin such as Flash Player. Do I have to get a WordPress HTML5 video plugin downloaded and installed? No, it is not necessary either.

Converting HTML5 videos

What kind of videos are native HTML5 videos that can be added to HTML5 site with the new < video > tag and playable on HTML5 browsers? They are mp4, ogv and webm. Unfortunately there is not such a video format that is support by all HTML5 browsers. So you will have to get different HTML5 formats and versions for the same video. It is embarrassing, we know that. But HTML5 is still evolving. We can expect this to change in the future.

Ok, now I get the video and want to post it on my WordPress website/blog. How to convert it to HTML5 video formats? Do I have to convert the same video to three different HTML5 video types three times?

Here we suggest HTML 5 Video Player. It can convert your videos into different HTML5 formats simultaneously. If you have multiple video clips, you can add them all to the WordPress video player. This video player for WordPress can output HTML5 videos at the same time. Sounds good? That’s not all. How about a WordPress video gallery? Can I get any video player for my WordPress as well? That’s true. You will have the chance to choose html5 video gallery templates for your online video. The HTML 5 Video Player is so powerful and easy to use, you click start, the WordPress video player does the rest.

HTML5 video MIME type for WordPress

We have an earlier post about this topic, if you want to review, go to the top of this article. Otherwise please proceed as following.

Upload HTML5 Videos to WordPress

It is an easy job. Log on WordPress dashboard, go into the Media->Library and upload your HTML 5 videos to your WordPress media library. After that, you will get the URLs of them. Copy and save these URLs to your HTML 5 videos, we will need to use it at the next step.

Add HTML 5 Videos to WordPress

It has been a pain for many webmasters to place their video content through the old <embed> and <object> tags and a lot of parameters. Now HTML5 video and audio tags regarded them as images: <video src=””/>. You can also define other video display parameters such as width or height or automatic playback easily, for example, < video SRC = “width =” 640 “url px height =” 380 “px” autoplay />.

Firstly please make sure to switch to the HTML code mode for your WordPress post/page editing. Then you can copy the HTML 5 video embed code from this article if you do not want to type manually (How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Websites Manually? ).

However there are a few things there you’ll need to manually edit. Obviously the URLs need to point to your video files, remember we have saved them at previous step? Go get them now. The second thing is the width and height for WordPress HTML5 video display. Change them to suit your video size.

Important tip: Do not switch to WordPress visual mode, it may muck up the html 5 video code. If you like to see how the HTML 5 videos look like on a WordPress post or page, click the preview and then publish it.

Embedding HTML5 video Gallery into WordPress

Now you get the WordPress video player online. How about the WordPress video gallery for professionally display of my online videos? We have mentioned it above and I have it with the HTML 5 Video Player, how to embed the WordPress video gallery? Check out this guide: To embed HTML5 video gallery into your website.

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  • Shazron says:

    although a html5 plugin is not a must, but normally it will help you insert the code automatically. for those who know nothing about HTML code, a html5 video plugin for wordpress is still a good option.

    personally i find this one works with wordpress: