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Basically HTML Video Player refers to video players on websites. There are different solutions you can use to play videos on the web. Want to play videos in HTML pages? Check out bellow methods.

HTML Video Codes

Different HTML coding methods can help you embed multimedia elements in HTML pages. The most frequently used HTML tag to render videos online are the < embed > and < object > tags.

Use the < embed > Tag in HTML Video Player

< embed src="demo.swf" height="200" width="200"/ >

Using < object > Tag in HTML Video Player

< object data="demo.swf" height="200" width="200"/ >

Both the above embed and object tags require a Flash plugin installed on your web browsers, otherwise the flash video will not work. Other video formats other than Flash might not work either. What’s worse, you may need to use many other parameters in the old < embed > and < object > tags in order to display your video properly on different browsers and platforms as well. HTML5 has made the online video easier with the native browser support to ogg, mp4, or webm format.

Using the new <video> Tag in HTML Video Player

HTML5 video tag can displays a video in ogg, mp4, or webm format embedded in a web page without any browser plugin.
You can refer to the sample HTML 5 video code here.

However there are still some problems of the HTML 5 video solution. For example, old web browsers do not support some HTML5 tags and attributes. The HTML 5 video tag is one of them. Thus if you use only the video tag to embed your videos on HTML pages, you will lose audience on old web browsers, such as IE 8 and earlier versions.

The Best HTML Video Player & Solution

You can actually use a more comprehensive method to embed html video, the HTML5 video solution with fallback functionality to Flash or other video containers, making use of the html5 video tag and the traditional embed and object tags.

Multiple video sources are accepted in HTML5 video tags, web browsers will pick the first compatible one to play from the list. Any one a browser doesn’t recognize it will simply ignore it.

Check this article for more on this topic: maximize HTML5 video compatibility with HTML 5, object and embed.

HTML Video Players and Tools

Flash Video Player

You can also use some HTML video players to help you convert and/or embed html videos. Flash video player is a classic web video solution. Some notable flash video players are and .

HTML 5 Video Player

HTML5 is the new web standard. Flash is the most popular online video format, however HTML5 is going to take over in the near future. Webmasters should start using HTML5 for the online videos. See 8 Reasons You Should Start Using HTML5

As we have mentioned above HTML 5 introduces the new < video > tag to render videos on HTML pages, no browser plug-in(s) for online videos needed any more. Furthermore, unlike the Flash videos, HTML5 videos are playable on mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone, Android phones, Nokia, HTC and many more.

If you are looking for a HTML video player that is compatible with mobile handsets, you can use the HTML 5 video player.

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