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Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 Support

In a previous post, we wrote about the Safari browser support to HTML5, this article will talk about the Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 support. We have put together all the details in a chart, bellow IE9 HTML5 support chart shows the HTML5 compatibility with IE9 browser, IE9 html5 video support, etc.

IE9 html5 compatibility

Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 Support Chart

Parsing rules
<!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode Yes
HTML5 tokenizer Yes
HTML5 tree building Yes
SVG in text/html Yes
MathML in text/html Yes
video element Yes
Subtitle support No
Poster image support Yes
MPEG-4 support Yes
H.264 support Yes
Ogg Theora support No
WebM support No
audio element Yes
PCM audio support Yes
AAC support Yes
MP3 support Yes
Ogg Vorbis support No
WebM support No
canvas element Yes
2D context Yes
Text Yes
Embedding custom non-visible data Yes
New or modified elements
Global attributes or methods
hidden attribute Yes
Field types
User interaction
Drag and drop
HTML editing
spellcheck attribute Yes
History and navigation
Session history Yes
Microdata 0
Microdata No
Web applications
Application Cache Yes
Custom scheme handlers No
Custom content handlers No
Custom search providers Unknown ?
Sandboxed iframe Yes
Seamless iframe No
iframe with inline contents No
Scoped style element No
Asyncronous script execution Yes
Runtime script error reporting Yes
Base64 encoding and decoding Yes
Location and Orientation
Geolocation Yes
Device Orientation Yes
3D context No
Cross-document messaging Yes
Server-Sent Events Yes
WebSocket Yes
FileReader API No
FileSystem API No
Session Storage Yes
Local Storage Yes
IndexedDB No
Web SQL Database Yes
Web Workers Yes
Shared Workers Yes
Local multimedia
Access the webcam No
Web Notifications No
Page Visibility No
Text selection Yes
Scroll into view Yes
Web Audio API No
Video and Animation
Full screen support No
window.requestAnimationFrame No

IE9 supports HTML5 video, HTML5 audio, HTML5 section, HTML5 article, HTML5 canvas, etc. But there are still a lot of HTML5 elements that IE 9 does not support, such as Application Cache (offline), Web Workers (threads in JavaScript), HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors), JavaScript Strict Mode, ForeignObject (embed external content in SVG), SMIL Animations (SVG animations), File API, WebGL (3D), ClassList APIs, FormData, HTML5 History API, Drag’n Drop from Desktop, CSS3 Flex box model, CSS3 Border Image, CSS3 Gradients, CSS3 Text Shadow, CSS3 Transitions (for animations), etc.

From the IE9 HTML5 support chart above, it is clear that the HTML5 IE9 compatibility is relatively poor, Microsoft Internet Explorer is not as good as other vendors or browsers such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. You can read more here:

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