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HTML5 Header Tag

The Header tag is new in HTML5, like several other tags such as the aside tag in HTML5, HTML 5 article tag, HTML 5 nav tag, etc. HTML5 Header Tag is one of the many new sections elements in HTML 5. Only latest browsers and versions, such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari, support it. Microsoft IE8 and earlier versions do not support this HTML5 Header tag.

The HTML5 < header > tag defines a Header for a document or section. Since the beginning of the internet virtually all sites had a “header”, although they are not placed in the head tag, the actual header has been nested in the common div tag. The div tag has largely filled the role of this new HTML5 header tag so far, it is time to replace div with header.

We have the heading tags from < h1 > to < h6 >, we have the < head > tag and the above said < div > tag, this is confusing. HTML5 now comes with the new < header > tag to clear the confusion.

How to use the Header tag in HTML5?

The Header can be used to do any number of things that include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. The header tag is used as a container for introductory content or set of navigational links.
  2. You can have multiple Header elements in one HTML 5 document.
  3. The HTML5 header tag can be place in different parts of a web page, they don’t necessarily have to appear at the top of a HTML5 page. However the header tag in HTML5 can’t be placed within a HTML5 < footer >, < address > or another < header > element.

Important Tips about the Header tag in HTML 5:

  1. The HTML 5 Header is an important part of HTML5 web semantics, like other elements such as HTML5 < nav >, HTML5 < article >, HTML5 < footer >, etc.
  2. Search engine crawlers or bots can now better understand your website based on the HTML5 headers on your site. Anything the header carries will gain more weight in the eyes of Search engines. So webmasters should start to use this header tag in HTML5.


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