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DV*, stands for Digital Video – video captured to a PC from a digital camcorder, is a very popular video type. However it is not a native HTML5 video**, thus DV videos are not playable on HTML5 browsers. If want to play .DV files on a HTML5 website or browser, you need to convert DV to html5 formats first, then embed them into your webpage with a DV HTML5 player.

How to Convert DV to HTML5 Video?

Step 1. Download DV to HTML5 Converter.

The only software you need is HTML5 video converter. Both Windows and Mac versions are now ready to download. You can download it from bellow page:

Download DV to HTML5 Converter

Step 2. Add DV video(s) to the HTML5 converter

Simply click Add Videos button to import DV video files from your computer hard disc to the application. This HTML5 converter supports batch video conversion, you can add multiple DV videos to the converter and convert them into HTML5 videos in a batch.

Step 3. Select a player for your HTML5 videos

Click Theme tab, you will be able to choose a video player from many of the ready-made HTML5 video themes and templates. Optionally you can also set your video size, player size, and player skin here.

Step 4. Preview videos in Player and convert DV to HTML5

Click the Preview button to view your DV videos in HTML5 player, click the Publish button to convert the source DV files to HTML 5 videos with the nice looking web video player.

Now you have converted DV to HTML5 video, additionally you get the professional HTML5 player as well. They can be found from the output folder of this DV to HTML5 converter software. It is time for us to publish the HTML5 video online now.

DV to HTML5 Video

How to Add DV to HTML5 website?

In the first half of this DV to HTML 5 tutorial, we showed you the steps to convert DV to HTML 5, now please follow bellow steps to embed the HTML 5 videos into your website.

1.Upload the HTML5 videos from local computer to remote server

The HTML 5 videos and player will be published to your local hard disc first. Run the DV to HTML5 converter, go to HTML5 menu >> Open Output Folder, find the HTML 5 video project we have just created and upload them to your website directory through FTP client.

2.Copy HTML5 video embed code snippets and Paste to your Web page.

From the output folder, there will be a .html created with each html 5 video project published. Use a text/page editor to open the generated ‘html5video.html’ file and switch to code view. You can get the embed code for your HTML5 player there.

See details here: HTML5 Video Player Support – To embed HTML5 video to your webpage.

3.Publish your webpage and play the HTML5 videos online

Now you know how to easily convert DV videos to HTML5 and publish them to your website with HTML5 video player(s). Have Fun!

*DV: Recorded video file created by a digital video (DV) camera; saved to the camera’s DV tape and uses a standard raw format for the DV video. DV video data are stored usually in AVI files.

**HTML5 video: Refers to native HTML5 video/codec: MP4 (MPEG 4 files with H264 video codec and AAC audio codec); WebM files with VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec; Ogg files with Theora video codec and Vorbis audio codec.

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