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Chrome HTML5 Support

Google Chrome is setting the standard in terms of HTML5 support. HTML5 Test site provides scores and rates for major web browsers

Google Chrome HTML5 Support Table

Parsing rules
<!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode Yes
HTML5 tokenizer Yes
HTML5 tree building Yes
SVG in text/html Yes
MathML in text/html Yes
video element Yes
Subtitle support No
Poster image support Yes
MPEG-4 support No
H.264 support Yes
Ogg Theora support Yes
WebM support Yes
audio element Yes
PCM audio support Yes
AAC support Yes
MP3 support Yes
Ogg Vorbis support Yes
WebM support Yes
canvas element Yes
2D context Yes
Text Yes
Embedding custom non-visible data Yes
New or modified elements
Global attributes or methods
hidden attribute Yes
Forms Field types
input type=text Yes
input type=tel Yes
input type=url Yes
input type=email Yes
input type=datetime No
input type=date Yes
input type=month No
input type=week No
input type=time No
input type=datetime-local No
input type=number Yes
input type=range Yes
input type=color Partial
input type=checkbox Yes
input type=image Partial
input type=file Yes
textarea Yes
select Yes
fieldset Partial
datalist Yes
keygen Yes
output Yes
progress Yes
meter Yes
User interaction
Drag and drop
HTML editing
spellcheck attribute Yes
History and navigation
Session history Yes
Microdata 0
Microdata No
Web applications
Application Cache Yes
Custom scheme handlers Yes
Custom content handlers No
Custom search providers Yes
Sandboxed iframe Yes
Seamless iframe No
iframe with inline contents Yes
Scoped style element No
Asyncronous script execution Yes
Runtime script error reporting Yes
Base64 encoding and decoding Yes
Location and Orientation
Geolocation Yes
Device Orientation Yes
3D context Yes
Cross-document messaging Yes
Server-Sent Events Yes
WebSocket Yes
FileReader API Yes
FileSystem API Yes
Session Storage Yes
Local Storage Yes
IndexedDB Yes
Web SQL Database Yes
Web Workers Yes
Shared Workers Yes
Local multimedia
Access the webcam No
Web Notifications Yes
Page Visibility Yes
Text selection Yes
Scroll into view Yes
Web Audio API Yes
Video and Animation
Full screen support Yes
window.requestAnimationFrame Yes

Please note that the above Google Chrome HTML 5 support chart applies to the Google Chrome 20. If you are on an earlier version, you will need to update your browser to gain all the above Chrome HTML 5 support.

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