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HTML5 video code

HTML5 Video is a versatile solution that allows professional and amateur web developers to display their digital video albums for websites. Like many other new features and tags, such as the aside tag in HTML5 , article tag in HTML5, etc. the < video > tag is new in HTML5.

HTML5 video code samples

Compared to the lengthy Flash Object embedding code, the embedding of HTML5 video is much compact. HTML5 video code can help you embed and display videos on your HTML5 websites easier than ever before. Here is a simple HTML5 Video code as an example:

You can also use the html5 code for video to add more parameters such as video size, video controls, etc.

HTML5 video code support multiple video clips in the same video container, so web browsers will pick the first compatible one to play from the list. If a browser doesn’t recognize a video, it will simply ignore it.

For a live demo of the HTML5 video code, see HTML5 player homepage or this HTML 5 player embedding guide.