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Convert any video to HTML5 H264 Video!

Html 5 Video Player is an easy video program that helps you create HTML5 H264 video for your websites in a few clicks.

HTML5 H264 video made easy -- 3 Easy Steps:

  • Drag and Drop Video Files
  • Tune video player settings
  • Click ‘Publish’ to generate HTML5 H264 video player

HTML5 H264 video player

HTML5 Video Overview

HTML5 is the fastest way to show your video online. Unlike the Flash videos that require a third party browser plug-in in order to play videos on the web. The HTML5 introduces the < video > tag to render web videos easier than ever before. Plus you will gain extra audience from other mobile handsets users, such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. All new browsers declare the support for HTML5 video too.

How to create HTML5 H264 video for your websites with HTML 5 video player?

Step 1. Add your Videos to the HTML 5 video Player

You can simply drag and drop your source videos to the HTML5 h264 video player and converter . Or you can go to the Edit menu >> Add Videos to browse through your video albums on your computer and select to add them to the HTML5 H264 video software.

Step 2. Choose Theme Template for your HTML5 H264 Video Player

At this steps you can specify the video gallery template, customize player and/or video size/style, etc.

Step 3. Create HTML5 H264 Video Player

Once you are ready with tuning the video player, click the Publish button to generate your HTML 5 video player. It will be saved in the Output Folder of the video tool on your hard disk. Go to the HTML5 menu, then choose Open Output Folder from the drop-down menu list.


Note: The HTML 5 player will create MP4(MPEG 4) files with H264 video codec and AAC audio codec that is fully supported by all HTML 5 browsers.

FAQ: Do I have to make three versions of my video .OGG, MP4/h264, WebM as they are all native HTML5 video types?

Yes, for greater compatibility of different browsers and browser versions, you need to make three different version of the same video and hopefully make a Flash version for fallback display on old browsers that do not support the HTML5 videos. However this HTML 5 Video Player has made it much easier. It by default will generate three copies of your source video in OGG, MP4, WebM formats and a Flash fallback feature is enabled.

Now you are ready to publish your HTML5 H264 video to your HTML5 website.

html5 h264 video player download

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