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Phonegap allows you to develop an application in HTML5 and run it as a native app on multiple mobile platforms. But PhoneGap offers more then only building an HTML5 app. Because most of the HTML5 specifications aren’t implemented in mobile browsers yet, PhoneGap provides a framework, which allows you to access features of the mobile device. You can use the HTML5 video tag in Android with PhoneGap framework without any video player plugin for PhoneGap Anroid.

When creating an app with PhoneGap to play HTML5 video using a video player or playlist, you should firstly encode your videos to HTML5 video formats (mp4/h.264, Webm/VP8 and Ogg/Theora). Here we recommend this converter for your PhoneGap HTML5 video player.

Phonegap HTML5 Video Made easy:

  1. Drag and Drop source video files to the converter
  2. Optionally tune video settings, like bitrate, framerate, for your Phonegap HTML5 Video
  3. Click ‘Publish’ to generate Phonegap HTML5 Video files

Download Phonegap HTML5 Video converter

Phonegap HTML5 Video Player

Developing with PhoneGap gives you the freedom to create mobile applications once in HTML, CSS and Javascript but deploy to iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian. It is convenient and economic for app developers, but you can’t expect that the PhoneGap has the same performance as your real native app would have. Some of the functionalities may not be fully supported on each platform, so when you trying to play video using html5 video player in android phonegap make sure you check this before implementing it in your application.