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Top 10 HTML 5 articles October 2012

Download HTML 5 Video and Player
All you need is just the HTML5 Video Player, a combination of video converter and player for all your HTML5 video needs.

HTML 5 Video Player by Socusoft
Socusoft HTML5 Video Player converts your videos to HTML5 video formats with customizable player. You can embed HTML5 video into websites easily. Supports all browsers & devices!

HTML 5 Video Player Software Screenshots
The most popular HTML 5 video software with its UI design and screenshots.

Buy HTML5 Video Player
Want to get the best HTML5 video player software? Get your license code in minutes through email.

How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Websites Manually?
HTML 5 made the video embedding easier than ever before, no plugin, no tools, no hard coding, just a simple line of code to be copied and pasted.

To embed HTML5 video player into websites – quick guide!
It is probably the easiest way to embed a stylish html5 player into your websites. No geeks, no HTML5 knowledge required!

Most Impressive HTML5 Websites showcase
See how HTML5 can help your websites to achieve and success. Be inspired with the most impressive HTML5 website examples.

Install HTML5 Video Player for Joomla
Joomla is the best choice for many webmasters, so is the HTML5 Video Player. See how the two mix together.

HTML5 Video Autoplay on iPad/iPhone
Want to play HTML5 videos on an iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Check out this guide before you get started.

Beginners’ guide to make HTML5 video works
Have trouble make the HTML5 videos work on your website? Check out these tips and notes to shoot your html5 video problems.


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