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HTML5 video and HTML video Review

Video is a very important element in websites that web designers and developers can’t ignore. Nowadays, we have different options for embedding video into HTML web pages. Website developers can design and style their own HTML video player, use free video widgets or purchase fancy players online. You can host your videos with your own hosting or host their video on a third party video site, such as Google YouTube. In this article, we will review the HTML video and HTML5 video, their difference, advantages, disadvantages, implementation and so on.

Adobe Flash is still the most popular HTML video player as of now. HTML5 video is just a new comer. Flash is the middleware to play online videos. Flash takes advantages of the object tag to embed video into a website, the most traditional way for online web videos’ implementation. In order to play your HTML videos online with Flash player, your site visitors will need to download the Flash plug-in to help play video in their browsers. They will need to download the Flash player separately several times for different web browsers if they have more than one browser and want to play Flash video on all the browsers they have. Also as a middleware, Flash is in constant development in order to catch up the fast growing online video industry. As a result, site visitors are required to download and upgrade the Flash player plug-in whenever an update is available.

HTML5 video and HTML video Review

When your site visitor does not have the video player installed or not be able to keep it up to date, your HTML video is invisible to them. It is annoying to receive messages saying “Install Flash plug-in to watch this video” when browsing around the web. This impairs the user experience and raises a website’s bounce rate. That’s why we need to play HTML videos without any plug-ins, and it explains why HTML5 video is going to take over.

It doesn’t matter as to which HTML video player you utilize, the traditional HTML video or the new HTML5 video, the important thing should be to provide instant access to your video content for all your visitors despite the video players, internet connection speed, browsers, hardware. Nowadays, internet users have ‘short temper’, they will not spend much time on your site because they have many other options around the web.

Considering this, you may tend in the direction of HTML5 video technology. HTML5 is going to be the ultimate web video solution. HTML5 guarantees to deliver video directly within the browser with no plug-ins. But before you decide to switch your site video to HTML5 video, let’s evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of traditional HTML video and revolutionary HTML5 video. Through the comparison of HTML video and HTML5 video, you will understand their pros and cons, you will know how to avoid the advantages.

HTML Video vs. HTML5 Video

HTML Markup Advantages Disadvantages
 HTML Video (Flash) Well-known, time-proven markup language Flash plug-in is a must
Supported by all desktop browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Constant plug-in updates
Many video hosting options: own server, YouTube, Vimeo, etc Slow, high-load videos
Lots of video embedding methods: from advanced coding to simple YouTube copy-paste code No video playback on most mobiles like iPad and iPhone
HTML5 No plug-ins needed (a great move in web video industry!) Not supported by old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7, 8
Works on both desktop and mobile devices Requires video encoding/conversion
Flexible player settings: developers can style web players flexibly No stable specification. You have to study new markup principles

Before digging into HTML5 video further, you might think HTML5 video has more drawbacks compared to the classic HTML video. HTML5 video has worse web browser compatibility, it requires video conversion, you will also find it is hard to find a free HTML5 video hosting service, and so on. Sound scary? Don’t worry about that, we will introduce some solutions to the HTML5 video problems here. You will find out that the HTML video cons are actually harder to avoid on the contrary.

HTML5 Video Browser Compatibility

Old web browsers might not support any HTML 5 video types at all (H.264, OGG and WebM). Even the latest browser might support certain HTML 5 video codec. However we can include all the three HTML 5 videos in a single HTML5 video tag for maximum compatibility with all web browsers. Check out the details here to see: How to maximize HTML5 video browser compatibility?

HTML5 Video Conversion

Converting HTML5 into the three formats (H.264, OGG and WebM) could be very easy as long as you get the correct HTML5 video converter tool. We recommend here following great HTML5 video converters.

: the famous free video converter software.

. Free online video converter. Zamzar encoding is bit slow. Besides, you will get files by email.

HTML5 Video Converter: Professional HTML5 video converter and player. The easiest HTML5 video solution so far! You can batch convert HTML videos or any other videos into HTML5 video formats, with fancy customizable web video players, embedding code will be generated automatically.

: Batch convert video files in all three HTML 5 video formats and basic video player code for embedding. Once select and add the source video clips to the video converter, need to click ‘HTML5’ button as the output profile, as it is not specially designed for HTML5 video or its web integration.

HTML5 Video Player Design

Web designers and developers can design and style their own HTML video player, use free video widgets or purchase fancy players online. You can use CSS3 and JavaScript to style your HTML5 video play and add extra video controls. Beginners can also use the basic default HTML 5 video controls. Some HTML5 player such as the one we have mentioned above (HTML5 Video Player) has built-in HTML5 players. So you do not need to worry about the video player coding either. At least you will get the default HTML5 video player. See how to use HTML5 Video tag here.

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