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HTML5 Video Reload

IE browser imposes higher security settings for the local content and intranet files. When testing the HTML5 videos on IE 9 browser from the web page saved on your local computer, you might get this warning: "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts for ActiveX controls."

Many html5 video users may have already noticed that there is a Allow Blocked Content button right beside the above IE warning message. It is frustrating though as if you click on this button to allow the html5 video, your IE9 browser reload the web page or the browser Window not the HTML5 video.

Please note that this HTML5 video reload fail issue happens to IE 9 browser only. See also:Why IE blocks HTML5 Video Loading. It does not happen to any other browsers or earlier IE versions. IE 8 and earlier IE versions do not support HTML5 video, so they will not display HTML5 video at all.

HTML5 Video Reload Error Workaround

You can disable this message and let the HTML5 video play on your IE browser by changing your IE options. Go to Internet Options >>Advanced tab, scroll down to the security section there should be an option “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer”. Please enable this option and make sure to restart your browser. This should allow your HTML5 videos to run on your IE browser.

Internet Explorer 9 HTML5 video reload

Another HTML5 Video Reload Workaround

Based on our test, we found that HTML5 video works better on a web server other than your local computer, not only due to the local browser security restrictions but also other aspects such as MIME types, etc.

The generated HTML5 video & player works better with absolute URLs. If you load the HTML5 videos with relative path to your hard disk, the HTML5 video can’t reload in IE9. Other than uploading them to remote server and testing from your website. Alternatively you can setup IIS on your local machine.

Want to create your own HTML5 video? Download the HTML5 video tool for free bellow:

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