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HTML5 Video IE8 Support Issue

Do IE8 support HTML5 videos? No. HTML5 is something new for IE8. There are many features not supported by Internet Explorer 8, including the < video >, < audio > html5 tags. Major browsers that support the < video > element are Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

You can find more info about HTML5 video browser compatibility here.

HTML5 Video IE8 Solution

Since IE8 can’t display HTML5 videos, the html5 video tag does not work with Internet Explorer 8, does it mean if I use any HTML5 videos on my website I will lose all the IE8 users?

No. IE8 html5 video fallback is a solution to this browser compatibility issue. You can set up HTML5 video with flash and other fallbacks. And there is a nice html5 video tool can help you generate the HTML5 videos and video tags along with fallback option.

HTML5 video IE8

HTML5 Video IE8 Fallback

Now, we will show you how to get IE8 html5 video fallback with HTML 5 video player. This HTML5 Video software is the easiest way for you to encode your video to HTML5 video format with a few mouse clicks. It can convert video to HTML5 video format (include MP4, WebM, Ogv) in a batch mode. It supports all modern and old web browser with HTML5 video and its Flash fallback function.

HTML5 video IE8 fallback made easy -- 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Drag and Drop Video Files
  2. Tune video player for your website display
  3. Click ‘Publish’ to generate HTML5 video player with IE8 fallback to Flash

Step 1. Add your Videos to the HTML 5 video Player

You can simply drag and drop your source videos to the HTML5 video player and converter. Or you can go to the Edit menu >> Add Videos to browse through your video albums on your computer and select to add them to the HTML5 video IE8 fallback software.

Step 2. Choose Theme Template for your HTML5 Video Gallery

At this steps you can specify the video gallery template, customize player and/or video size/style, etc.

Step 3. Create HTML5 Video with IE8 fallback

Once you are ready with tuning the video player, click the Publish button to generate your IE8 HTML 5 video player with Flash fallback. It will be saved in the Output Folder of the video tool on your hard disk. Go to the HTML5 menu from the top menu bar, choose Open Output Folder from the drop-down menu list.

Now download the HTML 5 video player with IE8 fallback option here.

download html5 video with ie8 fallback

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