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HTML5 Video Border

When adding your HTML5 video in the < video > element, you may find it comes out without a border when displaying on browsers. If you like to add some border or corners to the HTML5 video, you may need the expertise on CSS.

Another way to display HTML5 video in borders is to make use of the built-in video gallery templates with HTML 5 video player. A video gallery template can help you showcase a group of videos on a single web page easily. They are easy to customize and install onto your website. Check out the HTML5 Video Gallery Templates here.

html5 video border

How to make HTML5 video with borders?

-- HTML5 video border made easy

1. Drag and Drop video files to the HTML5 video player
2. Select and Tune video player for your website display
3. Click ‘Publish’ to generate HTML5 video player with border

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