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Android HTML5 video playback is a hot mess nowadays. Google Android has a very huge user base now. More and more mobile and tablets are using Android. If you are trying to make your videos playable as many devices as possible, you should try the Android html5 videos.

According to the official Android developer site, Android supports HTML5 videos earlier from Android 2.0. < video > tag support in fullscreen mode is supported since then. However if you have an Android phone, you may find that some HTML5 videos do not work on your Android device.

According to this Android Video Formats and Player page, Android supports mp4/h264, WebM/VP8 and several other video formats and codecs. HTML5 videos/codecs refer to mp4/h264, WebM/VP8 and OGG/Theora. Apparently you should be able to play HTML5 videos on Android devices.

Android HTML5 Video

Create HTML5 Video for Android

HTML5 video has very good cross-platform compatibility. Except the regular desktops, laptops, they are compatible with many more mobile devices as well, such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, etc. To create a mobile video version for display on Android mobile or other devices, we suggest you this Android HTML5 video player made easy tool . It is the simplest way to convert HTML5 video for Android. What’s more, it is specially optimized for website display. You can follow bellow simple steps to create the Android version HTML5 video:

  • Import source videos to the Android HTML5 video player;

  • Go to the Theme tab to tune your settings for Android display;

  • Click Publish button, the Android HTML5 video player will make a version of your video that is playable on Android phones and tablets!

How to use Android HTML5 video?

There are different ways to embed the compatible Android HTML5 video into your websites or blogs. You can choose to make use of the HTML5 video tag and manually deploy your Android html5 videos, or you may want a stylish Android HTML5 video player with playlist and controls.

Using the HTML5 < video > tag to embed Android html5 video.

HTML5 has made the video embedding easier than ever before. No video plug-in or any difficult coding knowledge needed, you can use a single line of code to insert your HTML5 video into web pages. Ready to add your Android HTML5 video now? See this online tutorial for more: How to Embed HTML5 Video into Web Pages?

Android HTML5 Video Player with Elegant /playlist

This is a smarter way to embed html5 video for Android website or display. Basically there are two steps to get the Android HTML5 video embedded into your website.

  • 1. Upload the output Android HTML5 video files from the output folder to your server;

  • 2. Insert two code snippets into your web page.

Check out the detailed instructions here:To embed HTML5 video to your webpage

Android HTML5 Video FAQs

Which size of the video should I use to get the best result on Android phones?

It depends on the display screen of your website visitors. And it is very difficult to get the same result on different platforms. Also you may want to your HTML5 videos to be displayed inline on desktops browsers. The Android HTML5 video player we recommended here has several presets you can choose from, such as 640*360 or 240*160. In fact you can set any video size you need with this Android HTML5 video player.

Except the Android phones, will my HTML5 videos work on iOS devices?

Yes, HTML5 video will work on iOS devices as well, so you won’t miss out the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users.